Pay Per Lead

Being able to take up a pay per lead marketing model is a dream for most businesses, it’s also something rarely offered by digital marketing agencies as it requires them to take on a large portion of risk.

As experts in lead generation via digital marketing, we are confident enough in our abilities to be able to offer this unique pay per lead model to businesses in the UK.

Pay Per Lead Services UKFor the right companies, we can offer exclusive Pay Per Lead campaigns which can remove almost all the marketing cost risk for your business.

Firstly we analyse your site and ensure it is optimised for conversions, we will also ensure you have proper conversion tracking in place to ensure we have full visibility of results.

We then utilise specific digital marketing channels such as PPC & Social Media Advertising along with a blend of outbound channels such as Email Marketing & Telemarketing to provide a fast moving lead generation channel for your business.

There would be a 3 month trial campaign to establish an initial cost per lead as a base point, during this time you will pay a low base rate along with a small advertising budget.

This will allow us to understand your existing website conversion rates, how much traffic is available and therefore how many leads we can produce and at what cost. Once the test is complete we will agree a cost per lead.

On-going you only pay for your paid advertising budget if you use any paid channels and a price per lead that we agree. This will save you thousands on agency costs and allow you full control and visibility of your sales channel.

It’s a complicated offer but unique and guaranteed to produce the low cost low risk sales channel you’ve always dreamed of, we’d recommend giving us a call and seeing how it could work for you.