Web Design

We are experts in understanding the user journey & user experience of a website. That’s an important part of all our work, if a potential customer can’t find the information they want on your website or get stuck somewhere on their way they will simply leave your site and try somewhere with a simpler and smoother website.

As part of our service we will audit your website to identify any areas that are either currently causing visitors not to convert as often as they could, or areas that could hinder a future digital campaign.

With that information you can either get your developers to make the recommended improvements, ask us to make the improvements for you, or we can even just work round the issues if budgets won’t allow us to improve the site at this stage.

In general, web development costs around £60 per hour with projects quoted based on the potential time cost. This is the same for graphical design elements such as logos & backgrounds,  however as oppose to offering graphical design services myself we partner with a number of high quality graphical designers to produce the highest standard of artwork for our clients at extremely reasonable prices.

If you are already interested in a new website, get in touch and we can look into your requirements.