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11 Dec 2015

We provide digital marketing consultancy & management services across all digital channels. Our specialties are in Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), however we have considerable experience with email marketing, affiliate marketing & web design as well.

Our prices are extremely competitive and fixed regardless of how far we manage to take your business, we also offer monthly rolling contracts as we am always confident in the results we will produce for our clients.

Using Google Adwords & Bing Ad Centre for PPC Advertising is a great way to drive new potential customers to…

Using Google Adwords & Bing Ad Centre for PPC Advertising is a great way to drive new potential customers to your business quickly. You can invest as much or as little as you like to get going and within hours you can be closing brand new online leads.

We are specialists in all areas of PPC & paid advertising channels, including Google Shopping (PLAs), geographic campaigns, device targeting campaigns, remarketing, display advertising, video advertising and social advertising.

Our passion for PPC along with our broad industry experience allows us to quickly generate insight into your market, produce a perfect digital strategy for your business and start bringing you new digital leads within just a couple of months in most cases.

We’ve worked with large international and national brands along with hundreds of small to medium sized local businesses such as hotels, tradesmen, IFA’s. There is no business to large or too small.

Basic PPC Process Overview

PPC Management ProcessWe begin by getting to know your business and market, along with discussing with you what your objectives are for your paid search campaign.

For businesses without an existing PPC account we then build a strategy that delivers your campaign targets and KPIs within your costs. If you are happy with the projections and plans, then we shake hands and the work begins!

We believe it’s vital to be able to attribute value to any marketing campaign, as such we will next review your site and insert proper conversion tracking allowing us to calculate a true cost per enquiry and per conversion of the account.

Once the conversion tracking is present and the account is built or re-built, we launch the campaigns and monitor them on a daily basis tweaking to find the perfect price point whilst expanding available traffic & conversion volume.

For businesses with existing PPC campaigns the initial process is simpler as we can review the established account & site for structural and general optimisation opportunities then produce a report showing projections on improvements for the account and website.

For either case each month we will provide you with a detailed report on performance and intended improvements, you can call us at any time for an update throughout the month however.

In total we currently manage over £4m in annual advertising budget and produce in excess of £8m in annual profits for my clients. If you are interested in a discussion to see if we can achieve the same kind of profitability for you, get in touch for a free analysis and proposal.

We don’t just aim to meet your expectations, we will exceed them.

Organic search has changed. It has evolved from the murky waters of now defunct link building techniques into the creation…

Organic search has changed. It has evolved from the murky waters of now defunct link building techniques into the creation and targeted promotion of useful, informative and truly remarkable content which actually serves a purpose and fulfils the needs of the user.

SEOThe basic principles of SEO (search engine optimisation) still remain. Websites must still be built in a search engine friendly way, but website content should be created for the user first and foremost, with keywords a secondary focus.

Furthermore, in recent years the presence and frequency of brand mentions, citations and linking within social media content have been increasingly considered by Google when determining where a piece of content should rank within its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our skilled team of search marketing experts apply their expertise, fresh thinking methods, results-driven mentality and industry leading in-house technologies to your organic search strategy, aiming to cut through the noise of your competitors and make your brand stand out from the crowd. We have clients in a wide array of sectors which are all seeing amazing results from our work and we excel in creating fast moving aggressive campaigns that will drive your site into the upper echelons of Google’s results within months.

Below is an example of our SEO service producing marked improvements in organic traffic from a previously flat lining campaign. The previous agency charged over £8,000 per month to achieve almost nothing in comparison to our work priced at a fraction of the cost. This client now ranks number 1 for the most high value and competitive phrases in it’s industry.

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Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help.

Being able to take up a pay per lead marketing model is a dream for most businesses, it's also something rarely…

Being able to take up a pay per lead marketing model is a dream for most businesses, it’s also something rarely offered by digital marketing agencies as it requires them to take on a large portion of risk.

As experts in lead generation via digital marketing, we are confident enough in our abilities to be able to offer this unique pay per lead model to businesses in the UK.

Pay Per Lead Services UKFor the right companies, we can offer exclusive Pay Per Lead campaigns which can remove almost all the marketing cost risk for your business.

Firstly we analyse your site and ensure it is optimised for conversions, we will also ensure you have proper conversion tracking in place to ensure we have full visibility of results.

We then utilise specific digital marketing channels such as PPC & Social Media Advertising along with a blend of outbound channels such as Email Marketing & Telemarketing to provide a fast moving lead generation channel for your business.

There would be a 3 month trial campaign to establish an initial cost per lead as a base point, during this time you will pay a low base rate along with a small advertising budget.

This will allow us to understand your existing website conversion rates, how much traffic is available and therefore how many leads we can produce and at what cost. Once the test is complete we will agree a cost per lead.

On-going you only pay for your paid advertising budget if you use any paid channels and a price per lead that we agree. This will save you thousands on agency costs and allow you full control and visibility of your sales channel.

It’s a complicated offer but unique and guaranteed to produce the low cost low risk sales channel you’ve always dreamed of, we’d recommend giving us a call and seeing how it could work for you.


We are experts in understanding the user journey & user experience of a website. That's an important part of all our…

We are experts in understanding the user journey & user experience of a website. That’s an important part of all our work, if a potential customer can’t find the information they want on your website or get stuck somewhere on their way they will simply leave your site and try somewhere with a simpler and smoother website.

As part of our service we will audit your website to identify any areas that are either currently causing visitors not to convert as often as they could, or areas that could hinder a future digital campaign.

With that information you can either get your developers to make the recommended improvements, ask us to make the improvements for you, or we can even just work round the issues if budgets won’t allow us to improve the site at this stage.

In general, web development costs around £60 per hour with projects quoted based on the potential time cost. This is the same for graphical design elements such as logos & backgrounds,  however as oppose to offering graphical design services myself we partner with a number of high quality graphical designers to produce the highest standard of artwork for our clients at extremely reasonable prices.

If you are already interested in a new website, get in touch and we can look into your requirements.

Our Process

If you have specific channels in mind you’d like improved we will analyse your existing digital presence & competitors in the market to create a benchmark and set of forecasts, showing you what should be possible in terms of growth.

We will analyse your market & digital presence and produce a detailed proposal on which channels and approach would achieve your sales objectives in the most cost effective way. We are also well versed in setting up conversion tracking solutions that will allow you to know exactly how profitable your marketing campaigns are, thus giving you more control over your marketing spend.

If you’d like to find out more about more about how we could help, please visit the links below or get in touch.